Multi language resources for leukemia fighters.

Spreading important information and facts to raise awareness, in every language of the world.

Identifying and connecting reliable Institutions fighting leukemia in every country.

Research is global, and leukemia is a shared enemy.

It does not matter where, how, or how much you can contribute: it will still make a difference.

About Beat Leukemia

Beat Leukemia was born in October 2007 as a discussion group on the popular social networking platform Facebook . Its creator, Alex Cevenini, wished to raise awareness of leukemia and blood diseases for the greatest number of people, as well as offer support for the people enduring the same condition.

By early 2010 the group had more than 7,000 members, and it began to work well connecting people in need with people offering help and support. This website was created as a joint effort of its members, who wished to reach people outside of Facebook as well.

Here you will find basic information on what leukemia is and how it is treated, as well as a few insights into how friends and relative can best relate to and help people hit by leukemia. The page Help BL will address one common issue of charities: Trust. When deciding to join a cause people is often overwhelmed by the number of organizations seeking funding, and they are rarely sure about their good faith. The Facebook group Beat Leukemia has an open thread on it’s discussion board where people can tell stories about organizations with which they directly came in contact or that helped them beat leukemia. These organizations are listed here, organized by country, and are constantly updated.

If you know an organization you think should appear here, you can send an email to

The Secret is life

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